NOVAtest® IVD Test Kits

NOVAtest Trade Mark Certificate

NOVAtest® is the registered trade mark of Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd; and since year 2000 we have been using this brand selling lateral flow rapid test kits in the international market, and by now have expended to various NOVA® test In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) test kits, including NOVA® test Rapid Test, NOVA® test Dot Assay kits and NOVA® test ELISA kits. Currently, NOVAtest is well accepted by our customers from all over the world.

In recent years, some customers encountered some cases that other competitors maliciously register this brand in their countries, and want to even forbid our customers to sell our product under this brand name in specific countries.

The management of Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd paid high attention to this kind of cases; we got official clarification from trade mark registration authority in China, proving that we started using this brand long time ago; we compile the business documents proving that our customers have started importing and distributing in their respective countries under NOVAtest® a long time ago. With the help of these documents, our customers successfully defeated the effort to maliciously register our brand. And in some cases, our customers registered this brand in their own countries after settling the conflict with competitors.

By cooperating with our customers in settling this kind of conflict, we have strengthened the cooperation relationship with our customers, and expended the market share of our NOVAtest brand in these countries. Protecting the benefit and market share of our customers, we always will be glad to cooperate.

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