Infertility Dot Assay Kits

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies several Infertility Dot Assay Kits to detect the antibodies (IgG, IgM and IgA) that may cause infertility as an aid in the diagnosis of infertility.

Infertility Dot Assay Kit

Infertility Dot Filtration Test Kits

There are a lot of causes that can lead to infertility in both males and females, while autoimmune disorders are perhaps the most common reason for unexplained cases of infertility. In many of these unexplained cases of infertility, inflammatory processes may be involved or antibodies may be directed against hormones, clotting factors, or reproductive tissues such as the ovaries or testes. The common autoantibodies to this effect include: Anti-cardiolipin antibodies (ACA), Anti-ovarian antibodies (AOA), Anti-sperm antibodies (ASA), Anti-Endometriosis Antibodies (AEM), Anti-hCG antibody, Anti-trophoblast (ATr) and Anti-Zona Pellucida (AZP). During the diagnosis and treatment of infertile couples or couples meet difficulty in conceiving, beside other exploring methods, the doctors usually order to test some of the above autoantibodies in the blood specimens, which are used as a proof of the causes for infertility.

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd are supplying infertility Immunoassay kits to detect the above mentioned antibodies (IgG, IgM and/or IgA) which are used as an aid in the progress of Infertility Diagnosis; Among them, the infertility dot assay kits are easy to perform, no need of other reagents or instrument, and are suitable to be used in the field; and the infertility ELISA kits are usually used in the hospital laboratories where mass blood specimens are tested. And we hope these test kits can help in the exploring of the real causes that prevent the couples from conceiving.

Infertility Test Kits

Atlas Link Technology Co., Ltd supplies the following Dot filtration Infertility Test Kits, which are used in the diagnosis of infertility.