Free Thyroxine (f-T4) ELISA Kit

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The f-T4 ELISA test kit is in vitro assay intended for the quantitative determination of free thyroxine (f-T4) concentration in human serum, which is a main indicator in the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism; and also can be used in the monitoring of the recovering progress of the hyperthyroidism during medical administration.

Principle of fT4 ELISA Kit

In the fT4 ELISA test kit, a certain amount of anti-T4 antibody is coated on microtiter wells. A measured amount of patient serum, and a constant amount of T4 conjugated with horseradish peroxidase are added to the microtiter wells. During incubation, the f-T4 and f-T4 enzyme conjugate compete for the limited binding sites on the anti-T4 antibody. After washing away the unbound liquid, the, the concentration of free T4 in the sample is then determined by interpolation from the standard curve. The Related Light Unit (RLU) is directly proportional to the amount of enzyme present and is inversely related to the amount of unlabeled f-T4 in the sample. By reference to a series of f-T4 standards assayed in the same way, the concentration of f-T4 in the sample is quantified.

Free Thyroxine (f-T4) and Hyperthyroidism

Thyroxine, the principal thyroid hormone, circulates in blood almost completely bound to carrier proteins, such as thyroxine-binding globulin(TBG). The normal human adult range of T4 in blood is 4-11 mcg/dL. Only the free thyroxine (f-T4) is responsible for the biological action. Furthermore, the concentrations of the carrier proteins are altered in many clinical conditions, such as pregnancy. In normal thyroid function, as the concentrations of the carrier proteins alter, the total thyroxine level changes, while the free thyroxine concentration remains constant. Masking of abnormal thyroid function can also occur in both hyper and hypothyroid conditions by alterations in the TBG concentration. The total T4 can be elevated or lowered by TBG changes such that the test result of total T4 would not be able reflect the actual thyroid status. Thus, the measurement of the free thyroxine concentration correlates better with clinical status than total thyroxine levels.

Free Thyroxine (f-T4) ELISA Kit

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